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Trash donoators – I create this to show you, that my activity is recycling for real. I also want to create a lot of short stories about people I meet, their trashes and themselves.

Adam Rubczak is an Englisch teacher from Warsaw. He gave me very interesting papers he used for lessons with soldiers – detailed vocabulary lessons, connected with guns.

Emila and Saddam are surely close together but I am not sure, if they are a couple :) From time to time they give me a lot of everything – from cigaret boxes and invaluable train tickets to Xerox copies.

Katarzyna Bylec is a programmist working in Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center. She’s also a unbeaten master in Dance Dance Revolution :) But – what is tem most important thing – she is my friend. With her sister and sister’s boyfriend they made few packages for me and gave me souch a treasure like bills, tickets, labels and some photos of Elvis.

Thanks, for all of you!