wo – 1,2,3,4 by womusic, (you can listen to 4 of 5 tracks from 1,2,3,4)

Through over a year and half I have been playing improvised live acts, based on five songs. After almost forty gigs i understood something what I alredy now – how I want to do it. How I want my songs to look like and I don’t need to look for impression by improvising them.

I don’t like trashes. I don’t want to produce them. I realized that making a physical release is always connected with making new unnecessary things such a plastic and paper for the box and plastic envelope for ready product.

Of course I could find an mp3 oriented label, but as a musician working with high frequencies I am not sure if that would be good idea. It took me few days of thinking, but I decided to make it on my own. Packages made out of trashes and hand painted cd – that was my aim.

So here we are now. After two months of work over polishing my songs, I am trying to make as good promotion as a one of the big independent labels could provide me. If you could help, please do it :) post it on your blog/ fb/ site or any other place you want.

For better everything :)

Track List

1. Splited in echo
2. Lookin for the between part
3. Pointing
4. Micro Inside
5. Stream

Duration: 1:00:36