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Great movie created by Marek Straszak entitled “In July”. Music used as a background is “Stream” from “1,2,3,4” album. Enjoy!

“In July”


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My friend Santiono Fokiczjano visited Lviv few weeks ago. He collected there huge amount of tickets and other small, paper objects. When he came back to Poland, he mixed it with other – even ten years old – souvenirs. I’ve made out of them package especially form him. Thank you for your trashes Santin

Some new packages

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From time to time I make some objects on my own, which are quite different from CD’s packages. This time I make something similar to sketchbook. I like to develop my ideas on the separate sheets of paper. While using notebook it isn’t always possible to gather all information in one place – that’s why I decided to create my own simple workplace. It’s great to make things. It’s really outstanding experience when object you made start to rearrange your daily life activities. Other thing is fact that almost all things we use are made in factories. A thing made by your hands is truly a stranger in the world of mass-industry-everything.



I’ve got to tell you that really nice thing happend. My idea of makeing packages out of trash was honoured in contest Wykluczone!, focused on abandoned things and places, disconnected from mainstream culture. Thanks for that!

Link to verdict (PL exclusive) WYKLUCZONE 2010